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hw01 - temperature Clearly reference the source of your...

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NCSU MAE310 H OMEWORK #1 1. List the three modes of heat transfer. Provide the definition of each mode. 2. Read Chapter 1, and answer the following questions: (a) In words (not symbols or equations), define thermal conductivity. (b) In general, do metals or ceramics have higher thermal conductivities? (c) In standard SI units, what are the thermal conductivities (W/m•K or W/m•°C), what are the thermal conductivities of pure copper and of Pyrex glass in the solid state at room
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Unformatted text preview: temperature? Clearly reference the source of your data by indicating the table from which this data was taken. 3. Expand the Taylor series for the heat transfer rate q(x+dx) about the position x, where x is the position in the Cartesian coordinate system and dx is the length of the differential control volume. 4. Evaluate the following: (a) exp(0) (b) ) exp( lim x x ∞-(c) ) exp( lim x x-∞-...
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