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NCSU MAE310 H OMEWORK #4 Provide a clear concise solution for each of the following conductive heat transfer problems. 1. A composite wall separates combustion gases at 2600°C from a liquid coolant at 100°C, with gas- and liquid-side convection coefficients of 50 and 1000 W/m 2 K. The wall is composed of a layer of beryllium oxide on the gas side 10 mm thick and a slab of stainless steel (AISI 304) on the liquid side 20 mm thick. The contact resistance between the oxide and the steel is 0.05 m 2 K/W. What is the heat loss per unit surface area of the composite? Sketch the temperature distribution from the gas to the liquid. Assume steady-state, one- dimensional heat transfer with constant properties. The thermal conductivities of the oxide and steel are 15 and 12.6 W/mK, respectively. 2. A very long copper rod having thermal conductivity 372 W/m•K and diameter 2.5 cm has one end maintained at 90°C. The rod is exposed to a fluid whose temperature is 40°C. The heat transfer coefficient is 3.5 W/m
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