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NCSU MAE310 H OMEWORK #6 Provide a clear concise solution for each of the following conductive heat transfer problems using finite difference methods. 1. A flue passing hot exhaust gases has a square cross section, 300 mm to a side. The walls are constructed of refractory brick 150 mm thick with a thermal conductivity of 0.85 W/m•K. Use a grid spacing of 75 mm. The outer wall is held at 25°C while the inner wall is held at 350°C. (a) Derive the finite-difference equation for a two-dimensional steady interior point without energy generation. Clearly sketch the control volume, labelling the nodes and the heat
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Unformatted text preview: transfer rates. (b) Determine the steady-state temperature distribution. 2. Derive the nodal equation for interior node having temperature T m in a fin, which has perimeter P and cross-sectional area A c and which is subjected to a fluid with convective heat transfer coefficient h with temperature T . Clearly sketch the control volume, labeling the nodes and the heat transfer rates. Assume grid spacing x. Also assume steady state heat transfer with constant properties and without energy generation....
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