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Dear Class, Additional Technical: 1. The info relating to the boiler feedpumps does not relate to Phase 1. We'll need that in Phase 2. 2. When calculating the heater shell diameter, you can arrange the tubes in any configuration you want, but if you can find a way of observing the required ligament distance and packing them efficiently, you will reduce the cost of the shell. Don't forget that every tube has two ends coming through the tubesheet. 3. In addition to the interface conditions for the steam at the desup/cond point, you also know that the condensed liquid is sat liquid at the cond/draincooler interface. 4. The feedwater conditions in and out of the heater are known. The interface points will be found in your calcs. 5. In designing the condensing section, use the incoming steam enthalpy but do not use the incoming steam temperature in your design calcs. Almost all of the heat transfer occurs at T,sat, so the steam temperature is assumed constant at T,sat. This is a standard design assumption. The LMTD approach
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