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MAE 412 Design Project Phase 3 Instructions 1. The base case is Do-Nothing. This means that the feedwater heater is bypassed. It will therefore have a theoretical TTD based on its shell pressure when it is in normal operation (Phase 1) but with the feedwater temperature that heads toward the boiler feedpumps when the heater is bypassed. 2. In analyzing the various alternatives, use the Present Value method. 3. Taxes: assume this is constant with time. In practice, the plant would be revalued by the local authorities every few years, and the property taxes would be affected. This is a very complicated topic, which we have simplified because it involves depreciation, inflation, and changes in local tax rates. 4. Insurance: this escalates with inflation because it covers the replacement of damaged equipment, the cost of which will escalate. 5. 6. Salvage value: this is given in present dollars, but it would inflate to the end of the final year. It represents the raw material value of the metal tubing. 7.
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