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Design Report Details - DESIGN REPORT DETAILS See the...

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DESIGN REPORT DETAILS See the website for the evaluation form we will use. Bind the report in an attractive manner. It is better not to use a 3-ring binder; it takes up too much room and the pages can get lost. There are no 'phases' in the report. We broke the project into phases for the course, but the reader doesn't care. Cover The cover should include the project title and the publishing unit (see Title Page) Title Page The title page should include a project title, a list of report authors or team members, their titles in the organization, the unit that is publishing the report (MAE 412, Section 002, Mech & Aero Eng Dept, NCSU), and a date. Executive Summary This goes to the overall project manager and allows him/her to obtain the necessary info to tie in your team's work with the design work of other teams, such as the ones responsible for the steam turbine/generator, the feedwater heaters, environmental concerns, etc. Start with a statement of what you were charged with providing and the alternatives considered. Your recommendation - number of tubes, material, tube diameter, wall gage (BWG), length, estimated cost of tubing and installation cost, total cost advantage over the next best option. State the effect on unit capacity and heat rate. Any comments on pump capability limitations, etc. Introduction Explain the problem that exists and why it needs fixing. Outline what the team was asked to provide. Describe the alternatives you have considered. Current Operation
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Design Report Details - DESIGN REPORT DETAILS See the...

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