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Phase 1 Design Notes 01 - Dear Class Following are...

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Unformatted text preview: Dear Class, Following are technical and procedural notes for Phase I. I'll also post the contents of this email on the website. Technical: 1. When designing the feedwater heater, assume that the superheated steam temperature is cooled to within 25 o F of the saturation temperature by the time it leaves the desuperheater section. 2. Use the Resistance Method to get U. Include a fouling factor for the internal tube surface. Assume zero fouling for tube external surfaces. 3. When determining the diameter of the inside of the shell, do not leave any space between the outermost tubes and the shell, even though in practice you would leave a gap. 4. Use English units in all of your reports. Your manager hasn't seen SI units since college and won't accept information reported in SI units. This includes appendices as well as the body of any report. 5. Watch 'significant figures' in reports and spreadsheets. The general rule is: 3 digits, except 4 digits if the first one is a '1'. That keeps roundoff error below 1% and is usually accurate enough for most uses.the first one is a '1'....
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