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MEMORANDUM assignment

MEMORANDUM assignment - Attach a resume for each person if...

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MEMORANDUM To: MAE412 Students From: Dr. Stephen Terry Date: February 7, 2008 Subject: Memo Assignment, counts as 5 homework problems, due Feb 14 The purpose of this memo is to explain how to prepare a proper memo to me for your projects. I hope that submitting this memo will give you the jumpstart needed to manage your project activities efficiently, so that you end up with an excellent deliverable that didn’t stress out everyone. Content Your memo should be from the entire team, regardless of who actually does the writing. I need names of people, not TEAM 7. Begin by telling me the purpose of the memo. Then, after a brief lead-in sentence, tell me what you will be doing for the project (i.e., design of the heat exchanger with certain constraints), identify the main activities of your work plan and their estimated completion dates. Next, tell me a little about each team member, including qualifications for the job. Just a few of sentences will do for each person.
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Unformatted text preview: Attach a resume for each person, if available (if not then consider making one up because you’ll need one soon enough!). Conclude the memo with a forward looking, positive statement. Format It’ll be easier for me to read your document if you use headings, indented lists, and a table / chart for your schedule. Follow a standard memo format (you may use this one as a model), 12 point type, single space within paragraphs and skip a line between paragraphs. I am not looking for a book here – a page to page and a half is more than enough for the memo, not including attached resumes. Remember spelling and grammar count so proof your work and use good English! Submission Your memo is due by 5 pm on September 20 (Thursday). E-mail it to me at [email protected] . One memo per team. Conclusion Don’t hesitate to ask questions if anything is unclear. I am always available to assist you and I want this to be a useful learning experience for you....
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