MAE412 S08 Syllabus

MAE412 S08 Syllabus - MAE 412 Design of Thermal Systems...

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MAE 412 Design of Thermal Systems Texts: Fluid Mechanics, White, 6 th ed, used in MAE 308, abbreviated W, and Fundamentals of Heat and Mass Transfer, Incropera and DeWitt, 6 th Reference : Thermodynamics, Cengel & Boles, MAE 301, 302 Prerequisites :MAE 302, 308, 310 Course motivation : The course is intended to develop the concepts and methodology of system design and optimization applied to fluid, thermal and energy systems. Topics include: a) simulation of systems in which the system components are known and the system operational parameters (such as flow, temperature, pressure etc.) are to be determined and b) design of systems involving the selection of right type, size and combinations of equipment to optimize different aspects of system performance. Course Instructor: Dr. Stephen Terry, PE Contact Info: [email protected] , 515-1878 Below 60 F Office Hours: BR 3195, 8 am – 3 pm M-F 60-69.4 D Class Hours: Tu/Th 11:45 am – 1 pm 69.5-72.4 C- Classroom: BR 3218 72.5-77.4 C Course Grade: Homeworks 10% 77.5-79.4 C+ 3 Tests (15%, 15%, 10%) 40% 79.5-82.4 B- Final Exam (15%) 15% 82.5-87.4 B Project: (35%) 87.5-89.4 B+ Design Assignments 89.5-92.4 A- Phase 1 - 10% 92.5-97.4 A Phase 2 - 10% 97.5-100. A+ Final Report 10% Project Oral Presentation 5% Peer evaluations +/- 5% on final course grade Learning Objectives: Students will be asked to demonstrate their knowledge of the material covered in MAE 412 through their mastery of the following course objectives. Through the study of MAE 412 the student will be able to: 1. Construct overall heat transfer coefficients, U. Calculate the performance of parallel, counter and cross flow heat exchangers using both the “log mean temperature difference” and the “effectiveness-number of transfer units” methods of analysis and analyze the performance characteristics of a number of components in
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MAE412 S08 Syllabus - MAE 412 Design of Thermal Systems...

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