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MAE 412 Design Project Description S08 - MAE 412 Design of...

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MAE 412 Design of Thermal Systems Design Project Description Feedwater Heater Replacement A 700 MW net output coal-fired steam electric power plant has a feedwater heater that has developed so many tube leaks that it has been taken out of service and is being bypassed completely. It will have to be replaced. You are the design team responsible for designing the replacement feedwater heater. The feedwater heater is the highest shell-pressure heater and is fed by two parallel boiler feed pumps. See the attached turbine cycle schematic. The feedwater heater is fed by steam from an extraction point in the turbine. There is a bypass line around the heater, which can be used if the plant wants to remove the heater from service. The feedwater heater actually consists of three separate heat exchangers inside one cylindrical outer shell. The heater is divided into three compartments on the shell side. The U-tubes carrying the feedwater pass through all three compartments. We will assume for modeling purposes that each U-tube passes through a desuperheater zone for the extraction steam, then goes into the condensing zone - where most of the heat transfer and tubing surface area is located - , then passes through a drain cooler section, where the condensed steam is subcooled before it leaves the feedwater heater drain. The feedwater enters the tubing in the drain cooler, then passes through the condensing zone, and finally passes through the desuperheater zone. See the attached figure of a three-zone heater. The design point for the heater is full load (735 MW gross generator output; 700 MW to
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MAE 412 Design Project Description S08 - MAE 412 Design of...

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