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Oral Presentations A. How to Win 1. Play to audience goodwill - thank them for listening, be sincere, no jokes (!) 2. Organize your material to provide a logical path 3. Make sure they know your purpose 4. How to win your audience - know the background of your listeners; meet them where they are 5. Embed counter arguments in your presentation 6. Knowledge - know your topic in more detail than your listeners 7. "What's in it for me?" - give them reasons for listening to you Is anybody listening? NO, at least, not all the time. Give them reasons to want to listen. B. Maximize Your Chances of Success 1. Give your audience a reason to listen, from the outset . 2. Provide signposts throughout so that they know where you are heading 3. Design effective visuals 4. Practice out loud, together. It's embarrassing, but it works! C. Give a Reason to Listen 1. Begin with a snapshot of your recommendations 2. Provide convincing evidence for your listeners 3. Reinforce benefits throughout talk D. "Are We There Yet?"
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