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Phase 2 Design Notes

Phase 2 Design Notes - Phase II Design Notes 1 The inlet...

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Unformatted text preview: Phase II Design Notes 1. The inlet pressure for the Boiler Feed Pumps is called the suction pressure. The outlet pressure at the pumps is called the discharge pressure. 2. The feedwater inlet pressure to the feedwater heater at the design flowrate can be calculated. For any other flow rate, you can estimate the pressure drop by using the principles we used in White Chapter 6. Using the same principles, you can find the pressure drop through the feedwater heater tubing, plus the remaining pressure drop between the boiler feedpump discharge and the heater, for any flow rate. The suction pressure to the boiler feedpumps is given for the design flow. 3. All piping is carbon steel. Assume the inside diameter is the specified diameter. In practice, you would need to know the wall thickness and a table showing the actual inside diameter as a function of nominal diameter and wall thickness (it's called Schedule xx, where xx is a number like 40, 80 120, etc.). That info is in Crane TP 410 on the website, but just assume you know the inside diameter, because I didn't give...
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