Incropera Chap06 Summary 6thEd

Incropera Chap06 Summary 6thEd - tau,s Force Force = τ s A...

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Chapter 6 (Incropera, Heat and Mass Transfer, 6 th Ed) I have made up a list of the equations in Chapter 6 that are the core of the chapter. It is helpful to know where to find these relationships. The list is useful to you for working homework problems, etc. The relationships are as follows: Eqn 6.4: Newton's Eqn – local q” = h(T s -T inf ) Eqn 6.12: Newton's Eqn – avg q = h ave A s (T s -T inf ) Eqn 6.13: Avg ht trans coeff Eqn 6.14: Avg ht trans coeff - flat plate one-dimension Eqn 6.1: Coeff of friction, C,f Eqn 6.2: Surface shear stress,
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Unformatted text preview: tau,s Force : Force = τ s A s Power : Power = (Force)(U infinity ) Eqn 6.3: Fourier's Law – local Eqn 6.5: Combined 6.3 and 6.4 Eqn 6.23: Reynolds No. Re L =ρVL/ μ Kinematic Viscosity: ν=μ/ρ Eqn 6.42: Prandtl No. Pr = μ/α Thermal diffusivity: α = (k f )/ ρ )(C p ) Eqn 6.48: Nusselt No. – local Eqn 6.50: Nusselt No. - avg Eqn 6.55: Boundary Layer thickness ratio δ/δ t ~Pr 1/3 Eqn 6.70 and 6.71: Modified Reynolds Analogy/Chilton-Colburn Analogy ----- END -----...
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