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Review of Article Prepared for Journal of Crop Management CS 462 Assignment, 2008 This assignment requires that you independently review the attached manuscript. In doing so, please consider the following criteria. 1. Discuss how the defined objectives in the article relate to the research methodology, data collection, and conclusions reached by the authors. 2. Discuss how the authors justified the need for their research. 3. Analyze how the authors have followed the scientific method to (a) formulate their research, (b) reach their conclusions based on their findings, and (c) presented their data in your article. If they have varied from the method, synthesize a hypothesis why they may have done so. 4. Analyze how the authors reported and interpreted their data. Did they emphasize some results more than others? Why do you think they chose to show some results graphically, and not
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Unformatted text preview: others? What kind of hedge words or qualifiers, such as possibly, likely, perhaps, etc. did the authors use to discuss their conclusions and their results? Why is this important in interpreting their results or qualifying their conclusions? 5. Discuss how the authors explained their data in relation to other work related to their research? Do they cite other authors directly by name or indirectly? Do they support or criticize others data? 6. Analyze what you see as the strengths and weaknesses of the methods used for the research or the conclusions drawn. 7. Given the results and conclusions reported in this article, describe additional research that you believe will contribute to the scientific knowledge in this topic area....
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