Why Do Women Work More and Men Less

Why Do Women Work More and Men Less - o Innovation in home...

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Why Do Women Work More and Men Less? Women participation has increased 1950 vs 2000 % working has increased. There is less specialization between market work and household work within marriages. o Reason: comparative advantage men have in market work is easier today. Women and men look more similar today in terms of their market work. Explanation for reduced comparative advantage o Narrow female-male wage gap.
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Unformatted text preview: o Innovation in home technologies which frees time for women to work in market. o Higher likelihood of remaining single/divorced. o Innovations in contraceptives, reduction in fertility. o Social norms/discrimination. • During WWII, gap decreased and then increased after the war. • 1800: women had an average of 7 kids • 1940-1960: baby boom right after Depression • 1960: women had on average 4 kids....
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