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7-28-08 - 1 Ask for a Writ of Certiorari a Court asks for...

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I. Judicial A. Hierarchy of the Courts 1. Georgia a) Supreme Court b) Court of Appeals c) Every county has a Superior Court (1) 49 counties, rural counties may combine for one d) State Court (1) Misdemeanor trials B. Precedent – Past decisions C. Original Jurisdiction D. Determine intention of Legislation E. Tort – Civil Wrong, sue for neglection, “pain and suffering” 1. Tort Reform – stop it a) Democrats, lawyers against reform b) Republicans, businesses, insurance companies for reform 2. Stella Awards – sued for McD’s hot coffee, ridiculous cases F. Majority Opinion of the Court 1. Concurring Opinion a) Agree 2. Dissenting Opinion a) Disagree 3. Procuring Opinion a) Agree with the Supreme Court G. To get to Supreme Court
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Unformatted text preview: 1. Ask for a Writ of Certiorari a) Court asks for all the material from lower courts be sent up 2. Rule of Four a) Four S.C. justices have to say they want to hear it H. How to become a Judge 1. President appoints federal – serve for life 2. State judges are elected for 4 year terms a) Most were initially appointed 3. Missouri Plan a) Governor makes an appointment b) Judge works for a few years c) Run against own record, no one else d) If good record, will be “elected” I. Interest Groups in the Supreme Court 1. Pay for attorneys, other costs 2. Lobby the president and senate to influence choices on judges...
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