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7-29-08 - (4 De Facto Segregation(a Segregation not...

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1) Delegates Relation to Constituent a) Delegate is the puppet, Constituent pulls the strings. 2) “Burkian" Trustee a) Not a puppet, vote in the best interest of the nation. 3) Courts a) Supreme Court resolves the few cases it gets by solving it by a statute, not the constitution. b) Courts of Law c) Courts of Equity i) The Kings Conscience – Don’t let them do it (1) Preventative d) Make and sometimes implement public policy i) Implement by oversight 4) Equal Rights a) 14 th Amendment – Equal Protection Clause i) Race (1) Plessy v. Ferguson (a) Separate but equal (2) Brown v Board of Education of Topeka, Kansas (a) Cannot be separate and equal (3) DeKalb County (a) M2M – Majority to minority (i) If a student wanted to go from a school where they were a majority to one where they are a minority, the state would provide transportation
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Unformatted text preview: (4) De Facto Segregation (a) Segregation not required by law, by choice (b) Problem up north (5) De Jure Segregation (a) Segregation by law (b) Problem in south (6) Right to Vote (a) Literacy Test (b) Grandfather Clause (c) Demonstrate Knowledge of Politics (d) Poll Tax (i) Money went to schools (e) Had to own enough land (7) Screws v. US (a) Police beat black man (8) 1960 Congress passes statute (a) Must keep voting records for 22 months (b) Can’t un-qualify voter for trivial matter (9) 1965 Voting Rights Act freezes election qualifications (a) Must get federal approval for any new changes (b) No literacy test, good character test, etc. (10) 1975 new provision set toward latinos ii) Gender iii) Religion iv) Sexual Orientation...
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7-29-08 - (4 De Facto Segregation(a Segregation not...

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