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Alexandra Duffell Professor Gurung English 1 April 2, 2008 Men will be men We are familiar with the advertisements that are flashed in front of us desperate for us to consume their product. This ritual happens every day of everyone’s lives, whether you’re reading a magazine or newspaper, watching television or movie, or just simply walking down the street in a big city or driving down a highway. Diane Barthel explores the sexual issues that are seeded in the advertisements we are exposed to in our everyday lives. She specifically brings to our attention the progression in the advertising tactics in selling male products and how the definition of the male role has changed over time and is becoming similar to that of the female role. This is seen in the products that are now being sold for men, such as perfumes, beauty products, and diet items. She also goes into the fact that, despite male products are now counterparts to female products the method of appeal is still the same where “the feminine model is based on passivity, complacency, and narcissism” the masculine image is based on “power, performance, precision” (Barthel 3). Looking at two advertisements targeting men for two different products that are of feminine nature helps prove Barthel’s theory that despite the product’s feminine nature, the traditional definition of masculinity is being used to justify their appeal to men. The first male-appealing advertisement is a ploy to convince men of their need for Axe body wash. At a first glimpse of the photo in the ad, it is clear to the viewer that this is targeted at
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men. Our eyes are immediately drawn to a slim, sexy female body. We do not see beyond the woman’s neck or lower thighs, and she is simply wearing a very revealing bathing suit and is completely lathered in mud. Our eyes are then drawn to the words that have been inscribed in her layer of mud that read “wash me” and she is pressed against the tile wall. At a closer look, we
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advertisments - Alexandra Duffell Professor Gurung English...

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