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Duffell 1 Alexandra Duffell Professor Gurung English 1 April 25 th 2008 More teen drama According to the University of Texas “A recent study shows that over the last 30 years the suicide rate in young people has more than tripled. The most dramatic increase in the suicide rate has occurred in the 15 to 24 age bracket (up 312%), followed by the 20- to 24-year-old age group (up 163%)--both traditional college-age groups. The most sobering statistic is that suicide is second only to automobile accidents as the leading cause of death among 18- to 24-year-olds” ( 1). So why is it that we know very little on such a crucial subject, and that it goes unnoticed or ignored by so many? For starters, committing suicide is forbidden in every major religion that reigns in today’s western societies, such as Islam, Christianity, and Judaism. Another reason for society’s naïveté on the subject would be its desperation to appear utopian, leaving no room for peoples’ mortal struggles. Unfortunately, those who are most negatively affected by these unrealistic ideals are the youth in these societies. People are so focused on appearance and themselves that they are blind to the number of people from generation y that suffer and the issues that create their agony. Due to the strict religious, societal, and medical stereotypes of depression and suicide, the rate of such incidents within the youth groups continues to grow. Unfortunately, there is little understanding of the causes and effects of this epidemic and little hope of a solution.
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Duffell 2 The population is in fact aware of the suicide craze; however, few are actually au courant with the extent and severity of this epidemic. Just in a period of six months “3060 suicide attempts from all over the country were reported to the Poison Information Center” (Gioka 1), this number does not include the suicides committed through other means than poison, nor does it include cases that were never reported. According to USA: Suicidal Youth the suicide rate in teens and young adults “increased by eight per cent between 2003 and 2004 […] In 2001 nearly 4,000 youth killed themselves. In the past 60 years, the suicide rate has quadrupled for males and doubled for females,” however it isn’t these statistics that are the shocking ones; “for every completed suicide it is estimated that 100 to 200 attempts are made” (Clift 2). It is also said that “more adolescents and young adults die from suicide than from cancer, heart disease, AIDS, birth defects, stroke, pneumonia and influenza, and chronic lung disease combined” (Moskos 1). According to these statistics approximately 12,000 teens and young adults in the United States alone attempted or succeeded at committing suicide in 2001, and these numbers continue to grow from year to year with no success of drawing attention to itself. Unfortunately, the majority of the little information and facts that are known about this
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more teen drama - Duffell 1 Alexandra Duffell Professor...

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