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rhetorical analysis - Alexandra Duffell Professor Gurung...

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Alexandra Duffell Professor Gurung English 1 March 31, 2008 Global Warming We are all becoming increasingly aware of the global warming issue the world is being faced with today. Between noticeable changes in our seasons, along with media awareness (Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth ) it is hard to avoid the crisis that is upon us. The New York Times recently published a piece on April 1 st , 2008 by Thomas Fuller bringing our attention yet again to the issues of Global Warming and the actions and precautions the world is taking against this. Fuller brings to light the past treaties the United Nations have attempted to put into action to help prevent the further development of global warming. He informs the audience of the ongoing negotiations that commenced yesterday and will conclude in 2009 (between 160 countries) to put into place new treaties and laws that act on climate control. These issues all appealing to environmentalists, and will be of interest to today’s youth. Fuller takes an urgent subject and brings to light the efforts that are being put forth to solve it; taking an unbiased stance he informs the nation of said efforts along with having a specific audience in mind and making an educated statement to the world. Fuller goes into detail on the efforts taken thus far against global warming and what future plans may be, along with certain countries that are involved and what they’re role is in the negotiations. In 1997, at the last set of negotiations, the Kyoto Protocol was put into place which
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demands the wealthier countries to make specific cuts in greenhouse gases. The United States
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rhetorical analysis - Alexandra Duffell Professor Gurung...

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