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abstract on final project about 50's fashion

abstract on final project about 50's fashion - As for the...

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Alexandra Duffell Jacob Loftin Stacey Roth Kristen Bloschak Greasers versus Preppies We are visiting the styles of the 50’s teenager through costumes that we will be showing off, along with clips from videos from the period or that refer to that specific period. The greaser males will be dressed in jeans and leather jackets with the reputation of the “bad boy”. While the greaser females will be wearing pants (which women did not wear at the time) with seductive tops, and a leather jacket to appeal to the delinquent mode that was going around during this period. The preppies will be wearing the typical long skirt and conservative white shirt, keeping the clean cut image of America’s youth. The video clips that we will be presenting will be of well-known period movies such as Grease, Happy Days, Blackboard Jungle, and Cry Baby, that will not only give us an idea of the styles the youth groups wore but also the attitudes, behaviors and reputations that went along with these fashions.
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Unformatted text preview: As for the historical aspect of this topic, we have discovered that the emergence of these teen groups rooted after the Second World War and were due to the baby boom. Previously there hadn’t been a specific teenage type group, you went from child to adult and this is the first time that we see the teenager group emerge. Their fashion would be influenced by upcoming media figures, such as Elvis. The specific uniform of jeans and leather jackets were typical for the rebellious teen groups, who were eventually considered as delinquents. The fashion caused so much turbulence that schools began banning certain types of stereotypical clothing that was worn by these groups, such as denim. These groups of teenagers made such an impression on the world that we are still reminded of them through the copious films from the period that addressed the lives and issues of this new group....
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abstract on final project about 50's fashion - As for the...

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