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Alexandra Duffell Lisa Brenner Theatre 15 April 30, 2008 Angels in America Angels in America’s structure is more typical than the other shows we’ve been reading lately, which complements its content. The content of the show is more run of the mill, story of people’s lives. Though these people’s lives are far from typical and deal with many serious extreme issues, the fact that the structure is typical helps accentuate the characters’ needs to continue as if everything in their lives is typical as well.
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Unformatted text preview: We notice this in the scene between Roy and the Doctor, when the Doctor is warning him against AIDS and accuses him of being gay. Roy and the Doctor proceed to have an argument where Roy specifies that he does in fact have sex with men but he is not a homosexual and does not have AIDS (because it is a disease that indicates homosexuality), instead he has cancer. His need to act like things in his life are typical and normal, are also mirrored by the more traditional structure of the show....
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