buried child

buried child - to solely be Vince’s girlfriend She brings...

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Alexandra Duffell Professor Brenner Theatre 15 March 31, 2008 Buried Child As far as images go, I believe Shelly’s character to in fact be a very important image to the play. After her arrival she demonstrates a type of intuitiveness to what is going on and the family. She even makes a point of saying that the home is familiar to her, yet the people in it are all strangers. Considering this along with the small religious aspect of the play, I believe she is a symbol for the buried child coming back to haunt the family. It is her arrival at the family’s farm that triggers the unearthing of the child literally as well as the secret of the past and incident. She has a familiarity about her; her presence in the play is too coincidental for her
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Unformatted text preview: to solely be Vince’s girlfriend. She brings to much important information to light and her reaction to such information is too calm. Exploring the religious aspect of the show, we could assume that she could be the reincarnate of the child, familiar to her surroundings but not its family (a family that murdered it). Another symbol for Shelly could be that she is the representation of your average urbanized American, familiar with the rural home but not particularly the inhabitants of this farm. This could serve to just what extent this family has gone insane and how they do not come close to representing a family....
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buried child - to solely be Vince’s girlfriend She brings...

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