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death - the ambiance of the time and place of the show •...

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Alexandra Duffell Professor Brenner Theatre 15 March 23, 2008 Death of a Salesman Spectacle/Music: The theatrical appeal it has is that the majority of the show is performed in the home of Willy and Linda. The play’s atmosphere comes off as rather simplistic and there isn’t an attention to specific visual details and elements. Indicated are light directions, nothing to complicated or eccentric. The visual aspects are rather simple yet make a great impact on how the piece is portrayed to the audience. No specific technical affects are required. The play does shift from past events to present however the play allows there to be little special technical affects done to inform the audience that there is a shift in time. The main affects that would be used is through the lighting of each scene. It’s the lighting that will mostly dictate
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Unformatted text preview: the ambiance of the time and place of the show. • As far as set and props go, the most important elements to the show is transforming the stage into a old home. Making the house look like it has been inhabited for many years. Elements that would be crucial are mostly the props, old, homey objects to scatter around the stage. Many of which should look like they have been forgotten where they lie. This would give the set a detached feel from the characters, like Biff from reality. • The technical elements help greatly in understanding the actions and states Biff and the other characters find themselves. It helps give off the feel of the play, which generally leads to the theme....
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