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Alexandra Duffell Professor Brenner Theatre 15 March 23, 2008 Fences There are many issues that surface in this play. We revisit the theme of a past coming back to alter our present. This is seen through the fact that due to Troy’s misfortunes he forbids his sons to lead a different life than he has led. Many of the images in the play focus on the issue of race and how it relates to the lives of the characters. We are shown the difference between three generations of black men, Troy’s father, Troy, and Cory. The image of Troy’s father as a possession, to Troy forbidden to fulfill a football dream, to Cory who has a number of endless opportunities helps bring back the theme of a haunting past. It the history of Cory’s
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Unformatted text preview: ancestors which haunt him and prevent him from thriving in the way he wishes. Another image seen is the rise of independence and strength in each character. Rose’s ability to raise the bastard child of her husband’s affair, Cory’s claim to independence from his abusive father, and Troy’s rise to becoming the first black garbage truck driver in his city all show growth in the characters and how their pasts have been able to affect them positively as well as negatively. The only character that truly seems to be backtracking the most and disappearing into his past is Troy. He becomes abusive, as well as self-destructive....
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