Glengarry Glen Ross

Glengarry Glen Ross - The dialogue works to give the...

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Alexandra Duffell Lisa Brenner Theatre 15 April 7, 2008 Glengarry Glen Ross Diction: The dialogue gives off the air that it is merely banter between the characters. It is full of slang and very realistic. It comes across as what someone would hear in everyday conversations. The dialogue moves quickly, no stalling is involved and it seems to increase the pace of the show. There don’t seem to be any circumstances where the dialogue seems out of character. It manages to maintain an even pace throughout the entirety of the performance. The characteristics of the dialogue seem to remain the same; the characters maintain a specific way of expressing themselves throughout the show.
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Unformatted text preview: The dialogue works to give the audience a feel of intensity, anxiety that one would generally find in a competition such as the one in the show. The lines help bring to life the mood and tone of the show and what is trying to be portrayed. It helps convey the world of the play in the sense of distinguishing the personalities and characteristics of each performer. The dialogue helps reveal the character’s motives by hinting at what they’re end goal is and how they intend to achieve it. There is a sense of mystery between the characters because yet again there is a competition taking place, one that each individual is set out to win....
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Glengarry Glen Ross - The dialogue works to give the...

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