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Project Charter Project Charter FOR Time Keeping System 05/12/2008 Prepared by: Sherif Abdelzaher Prepared for: Jorge Echavarria IS581 Systems Analysis, Planning, and Control Page 1 of 4 05/12/09
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Project Charter Time Keeping System Summary The project manager of the company had sent to us to find a solution for his existing paper timecard which cause a delay in life cycle of the payroll and billing clients The existing system have issues with tracking time for each engineer spends on any project so the company can bill the clients the existing system doesn’t allow finance and accounting department top bill clients properly, the company now using paper timecard and a printed list of authorized projects and the payroll have issues with the existing payroll system that may can cause a delay. The time keeping system is going to be paperless, help project managers and top management to track employees and assign each engineer to his project, and the new system will work with the existing payroll
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