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System Improvement Objective Report Bank of Echavarria ATM Summary of Recommendations A. Summary of Recommendation Install an Automated Teller Machine (ATM) that supports current customer requests for automated transactions and positions the bank to remain competitive with other banks for new customers. The ATM project includes procurement of equipment and software, testing transactions, training personnel and customers, and launching a new marketing campaign to announce the new capabilities. B. Summary of problems, opportunities, and directives The Bank of Echavarria currently does not offer any automated processes to its customers. Current customers have requested a “self-service” method to perform transactions at any time, day or night. Surveys performed by the Marketing division have shown that the opportunity for retaining current customers and obtaining new customers includes offering automated services. Potential customers are bypassing the Bank of Echavarria in favor of banks that offer automated services. C. Brief Statement of System Improvement Objectives This project will provide an ATM at the Huntington Beach branch of the Bank of Echavarria. The ATM will support automating the process transactions, accessible 24/7: for example, deposit, withdrawal, and transfer. This improvement will provide the “self-service” functionality as requested by the customers without the need to add bank teller personnel and will attract new customers to the bank. This will also provide customers accessibility to banking transactions beyond the current open banking hours. This improvement will reduce the number of bank teller activities required during open banking hours as the ATM will be available for use when the bank is open. D.
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Keller_SA581_GroupActivity2_(Sys_Improve) - System...

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