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Andrew Valenti 4/2/08 John Stuart Mill- On Liberty Freedom of Thought and Speech are important o We are social beings the idea of having thoughts in your head is insufficient, you have to be able to express those ideas Harm is the most important limiting factor of freedom o (p. 14) The only purpose for which power can be exercised over the community… is to prevent harm to others. What does he mean by harm ? Why is it so important? o Something that limits progress or advancement o Whatever limits someone else’s liberty o Prevention of Harm is the government’s role (p. 87)
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Unformatted text preview: • Freedom of will is about the ability to make choices and act on them o Punitive- idea of punishment…If I shoot you, I get arrested and put in jail o But can the government try to prevent such actions…difficult issue for Mill o (p. 108) right of society to ward off crimes against itself…compulsory labor • Punitive vs. Preventative government o (p. 106) Anything you do can be interpreted as harming other people, once you start opening the door to the preventative function, it’s a slippery slope o Gun control...
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