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PSCI 181 (Mill) 4-7

PSCI 181 (Mill) 4-7 - “…Socrates dissatisfied is better...

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Andrew Valenti 4/7/08 John Stuart Mill- On Liberty , Utilitarianism Education is necessary to the function of society o Public education, is not necessary, however o (p. 118) o There should be nationalized testing standards in place Social Contest o (p. 15) utility is the ultimate appeal in debating options o Utility- the main concept of Utilitarianism , seeking utility Jeremy Bentham o Author of idea of ‘utilitarianism’ o Rejected natural law o Morality is defined by happiness o Whatever act pleases the most amount of people for the longest time is best Mill’s Utilitarianism o Quality vs. Quantity- quality of happiness takes precedence o Children are blank slates Background o Mill was given a very extensive education by his father, was doing high level math and sciences at an early age o Politically radical o Had a nervous breakdown in his early 20’s, Utility based on quality o Pleasures are better when they are mental , as compared to physical pleasures o (p. 140) “a human dissatisfied is better pig satisfied”
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Unformatted text preview: “…Socrates dissatisfied is better than a fool satisfied” o (p. 139) most people aren’t familiar to Mozart, but those who are, are adamant fans of him…but fans of Mariah Carey, for example, aren’t that big of a fan of her. A competent judge must have experienced both options of a choice in order to judge which is better. (Mill says that a competent judge would pick Mozart…) o Ex: slavery is good for the economy, but those who have experience both life with, and without, would not choose slavery • There is a tension between democratic access ( and choice) and an elitist conception based on a fear of what people will actually choose o Social nature (Ch. 3-4) o (p. 164) • Virtue is to be desired for itself alone, applies to society as a whole • Rule Utilitarianism o Rules give us useful guidance, and minimize unhappiness, and maximize happiness ....
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PSCI 181 (Mill) 4-7 - “…Socrates dissatisfied is better...

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