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Andrew Valenti 3/19/08 Mary Wollstonecraft Hume contemporary…sort of o Abusive father, she became economic supporter of her family o Got a job as a writer for the Analytical Review Feminist- adjudicating the rights of women was her primary writing o Wrote the “Vindication of the Rights of Men” in response to Edmond Burke’s work ( the rights that we assume as natural were actually dated to deep rooted tradition, and apply specifically to men , Burke- hierarchy , rather than equality, was the foundation He defended poverty, decried the French Revolution (the poor have their place in society) Wolls rejects this…she opposes inequality, loves French Revolution o Key themes: Freedom, Equality, and Reason Concepts central to the Enlightenment form of thinking
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Unformatted text preview: • Freedom o Important to what it means to be a person … o Freedom is directly linked to property, equal liberty = equal property Let’s make them all free and equal! • Criticizing Burke for lack of sympathy and general harshness towards the poor o Who cares if the King’s get killed? There’s a radical fervor in her work where she gets swept up for the egalitarian cause o Rejects inheritance leads to unnatural inequality Produces a self-absorbed, useless class of people (p. 42) • Equality o Necessary to personal happiness and liberty o Necessary to pursue individual goals, equal opportunity o Society has to be based on mutual respect ( friendship p. 38) o (p. 47)...
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