PSCI 181 (Wollstonecraft) 3-24

PSCI 181 (Wollstonecraft) 3-24 - Andrew Valenti 3/24/08...

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Andrew Valenti 3/24/08 Mary Wollstonecraft- Vindication of the Rights of Woman Response to first “Vindication” Reason—Nature or Nurture ? Virtue Education Equality o Class o Slavery Citizenship Wollstonecraft and the Enlightenment Most people didn’t think that the rights of men pertained to women o Aim: give the rights of women… o Viewed as a feminist writer, more of a classic Enlightenment theorist Reason- mothering is a key indicator of reason o Hume: reason is mathematical principles o Wollstonecraft: (p. 23)- deduction based on empirical observation Most males and females don’t reason very well because they lack education o As long as women are denied reason , then they are concerned with only marriage, thinking requires practice, women think about their bodies and their attractiveness to men, and they become dependent on marrying men in order to survive economically… Thus their energies are diverted from doing helpful things in society
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PSCI 181 (Wollstonecraft) 3-24 - Andrew Valenti 3/24/08...

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