PSCI 181 (Wollstonecraft) 3-26

PSCI 181 (Wollstonecraft) 3-26 - Andrew Valenti Mary...

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Andrew Valenti 3/26/08 Mary Wollstonecraft- Vindication of the Rights of Woman Equality- class o Wealthy live lives of dissipation pleasure more than duty, self-centered , helpless, rely on others (servants) Ignorance (Lack of reason) and what it produces o Poor can’t help what happens to them, they’re denied the resources to live comfortably o Rich have these things at their disposal and simply choose not to use them She wants women to be more assertive and independent, even though they are suppressed by laws and attitudes, they do have some access that they squander (ex: marriage contracts) Equality- slavery o Issue of oppression; women as slaves to: men/marriage market, etc. o (p. 252) o Denial of legal standing/rights, namely the ability to own property Women are essentially the property of men in her time… o Most wives don’t live such horrible lives, it’s a matter a luck Women do have more rights than slaves, Burke says this is natural, Wollstonecraft disagrees…. Masters depend on slaves so they are not free either
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PSCI 181 (Wollstonecraft) 3-26 - Andrew Valenti Mary...

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