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Final Music Notes - Romantic Period(1820-1900-expression of...

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Romantic Period… (1820-1900) -expression of inner feelings -individuality of style -nationalism-associated with the country it is from -program music -age of the middle class Art Song (composition for solo voice and piano)- topic usually LOVE -chamber music -expressive tone color -expanded range of dynamics, pitch, and tempo -age of the Middle Class FRANZ SCHUBERT -(1797-1828) -earliest master of romantic art song, his love for poetry led him to the art song -he never held an official musical position and was neither a conductor nor a virtuoso -income strictly from being a composer -born in Vienna, Austria -began as a teacher
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-composed 179 works in his 19 th years -wrote 600 art songs, besides his symphonies -died of syphilis ROBERT SCHUMANN -(1810-1856) -born in Zwickau, Germany -devoted his life to literature and music, and at 20 he decided to devote his life to becoming a piano virtuoso, but he began to have problems with his right hand -fine young pianist -very influential in his day -composer and music journalist -wife Clara, considered once of history’s great love couples, his piano teacher’s daughter. Married a day after she was legal FREDERIC CHOPIN -(1810-1849) -1/2 Polish (mother), ½ French (father), grew up in Warsaw -wrote almost exclusively for the piano - #1 piano composer - young talent -lived in Paris and Vienna…but went to Paris to make his career -shy man with stage fright
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