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7-22 - voluntary African captive)force 1850> saw an...

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Immigration THE MOVEMENT OF PEOPLE ACROSS POLITICAL BOUNDARIES EVER PRESENT A CONSEQUENCES OF ONGOING Globalization “New immigration” Understood as being different in quantity + in the manner – lack of intergration due to economic + residential segregation – linguistic, different than persist + further isolate. Historial Overviews The mid 1800’s mostly immigrants from Northern Europe escaping religious culture perseation
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Unformatted text preview: ( voluntary) African captive )force) 1850 -> saw an increase in European Catholics -> raised fears of cultural contamination + a resulting downturn in society…. seen as taking jobs / being + uncivilized 1882 – Exclusion Law Begin for specific groups – Fear of culture transmission. Topic on-line Gay marriage Gun control The environment Media influence Walmart vs Mom + Pops Healthcare Low wage working...
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