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journal 1 - company their employee may be just care about...

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Sze-Kai Wong (BUAD-495) Detailed description of your work experience: I am now working as an associate in World Financial Group. This business is not salary based. It is more liked self-employed or liked commission based. In the past month, since I was really brand new in this business, so I just tried my best to attend every meetings hold by the company. When going to the meeting, I took down all the notes I need to know, and become a professional financial planner. And there was a really good thing happened in my career in the past month. I just passed my Life Agent Exam last Friday. That means I am now a professional person to offer financial advice. Evaluate of the effectiveness and efficiency of the structures and policies you observed I your internship organization: One thing I saw here was that WFG did not just help their members to achieve financial goal, they also sell a dream to them. I personally think this is a really great idea, because when people have their dreams or goals, they would fight for it. For some tradition
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Unformatted text preview: company, their employee may be just care about how much they can get. They would just less effort to get the salary. Nevertheless, in WFG, this doesn’t happen. WFG sells their associate a goal. WFG always provides environments for their associate to make clear their goal. For now, this is one of the good things I saw in this company. Identity the similarities or contradictions between what you have studied in your classes and what you are seeing in your working environment: Since I am now still studying general education, there is really no special thing related to this business. Nevertheless, this is one thing related to by accounting class. When I read the financial report of WFG, it had a huge amount of assets. Nevertheless, how can a Sze-Kai Wong (BUAD-495) financial service company had this much assets? This is one thing I found may be different than we I have studied in class....
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journal 1 - company their employee may be just care about...

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