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journal 4 - Effectiveness and Efficiency of the structures...

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Name: Sze Kai Wong (Kenny) BUAD-495 Detailed description of your work experience: In the past two weeks, I think I am really doing something in the company. I started to building up my own team. I expanded my team by three people. They are all my classmates. Since they are really new in the financial service industry, they have no any idea of how the work will be. Therefore, they need to have someone to guide them to be success in the company, and I am the one to tell them. I am now their trainer. I really enjoy my work right now. I think I enjoy more to be a trainer instead of being a sale person. In the past two weeks, I taught them a lot of thing about the industry and the company. I can learn a lot by dong that. I went out to the field with them and show them how to do this business. At the same time, I can improve my skills too, because I must master those skills before I teach my teammates.
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Unformatted text preview: Effectiveness and Efficiency of the structures and policies in the company: I think the duplication part of the business is really effective. Every person first join the company must need to follow seven steps duplication. The seven steps are really simple, and I think this is one of the reasons why this company can grow this fast and big. Since the system is really simple, so every person can duplicate it and teach it to others. Therefore, the company can grow fast. Similarities or Contradictions: I just finish reading a book, although it is not a text book of my class in USC, but I think there are lots of thing similar to my company. One of the thing is that I now know that my company is using multi-level marketing and network marketing to operate....
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journal 4 - Effectiveness and Efficiency of the structures...

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