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Conflict essay - Conflict Essay 1 Running Head CONFLICT...

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Conflict Essay 1 Running Head: CONFLICT ESSAY Dealing with conflicts Fernando O. R. Ferreira George Mason University
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Conflict Essay 2 The way society views conflict has changed in the past century. Most western cultures, specially the patriarchic ones, made a transition from the male domination in the relationship to a more centered position. Issues that were simply ignored and put aside 60 years ago are now openly discussed between couples. Coincidence or not, the amount of married couples braking up and getting divorces has increased substantially from the past few decades. The fact that society views divorce in a different light then it viewed it in the beginning of last century and that couples express their feelings more openly are definitely playing a decisive part in that. Society has come to understand conflicts not as a negative thing for a relationship, but as a possibility for it to grow and mature, as long as it is dealt with in the right way. According to the Interpersonal Communication Book, “if it’s managed fairly and with respect for each person’s opinions, the relationship is likely to prosper; if it’s managed unfairly, the relationship is likely to suffer.” (DeVito, 2007, p.286). As the interpersonal communication book states, conflicts are inevitable. Knowing that, it is our jobs to get the best out of it, avoiding the negatives effects by dealing with it properly. In order to know what to do, we also need to know what not to do and what sorts of conflict styles are positive and what sorts are negative. One conflict that has made me grow personally but has ultimately killed a relationship was a disagreement between my mother and my ex-girlfriend. I decided to ignore the conflict instead of trying to solve it, which only made it worse. One important concept of conflicts is you resolution style, avoidance in this case. It is easier for me to analyze the conflict now then it was when it happened. The fact that now I have a greater knowledge about interpersonal communications than I had back then helps. Of course that the ability to look back as an observer and not being emotionally attached also helps. Last year I was into a very lasting relationship. We had met in November 2006 and started dating one month after that. We lived together for four months in Utah with two other friends as roommates. We were there for a short term work exchange program and were only there for the winter season. We quickly developed a strong bond between us since we were both far from our families. When we went back to Brazil, several conflicts involving our families started to appear. One specific conflict was very important to our relationship, especially because it was dealt with in the wrong way. It was something simple and very superficial and because I did not give enough attention to it, it turned out to be a big issue between us. She didn’t like my family. It all started during a family reunion, when we were having lunch and my mother
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Conflict essay - Conflict Essay 1 Running Head CONFLICT...

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