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Sheet1 Page 1 Student's Name: Homework Identification Number: 0621 MINITAB Assignment 7 No hand-written work will be accepted for any MINITAB Assignment! 1. Obtain your own unique set of data from the file M07_0621.xls contained in your STAT250 folder by following these steps: Open MINITAB. (Make sure commands are enabled.) Click on File, then Open Worksheet. (A window will open.) In the File of Type window, click the down arrow and then select Excel (*.xls). Browse to the folder containing your homework files. Select the file M07_0621.XLS and then click Open. You will now have information in column C1, which will be named Time_Watching_TV Copy all the responses from MINITAB that resulted from opening the file from the session window into this document after this sentence. Worksheet size: 10000 cells. Welcome to Minitab, press F1 for help. MTB > WOpen "C:\Users\Owner\Documents\Stat250\ma_0621\m07_0621.xls" SUBC> FType SUBC> Excel. Retrieving worksheet from file: C:\Users\Owner\Documents\Stat250\ma_0621\m07_0621.xls' Worksheet was saved on Sat Aug 11 2007 MTB > 2. This question will help you to understand how confidence intervals work. It will show you the benefit of larger confidence coefficients and larger sample sizes. You should use Confidence intervals for a mean (the impact of confidence level) applet in MyStatLab to answer the questions below. Please follow the steps below to run the applet: 1. Go to MyStatLab. 2.
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This note was uploaded on 08/04/2008 for the course STAT 250 taught by Professor Sims during the Spring '08 term at George Mason.

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m07_0621 - Student's Name: Homework Identification Number:...

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