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The need for speed - Fernando Omegna Rocha Ferreira English...

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Fernando Omegna Rocha Ferreira English 101 – 012 03/06/2008 The Need for Speed It is dangerous to be right when the government is wrong. - Voltaire (1694 - 1778) Last week I received a speeding ticket for going 80 miles per hour on I66 at 3am. The officer did me a great favor not charging me for reckless driving, saving me a great deal of trouble. It was a perfect night, no wind whatsoever. No chance of rain, snow or ice on the road. There was no traffic either, no one else on the road that I could have hit. When I saw the police car on the side of the road I already knew what was coming; there was no time to break. When the cop started to merge into the highway I was already slowly pulling my car to the side of the road. Still, when the officer tapped on my window and asked me, in a strong southern accent, if I knew the reason why he had stopped me, he looked at me as if I was a madman. This might seem as though I am just blowing some steam because of the ticket I received, but I honestly think that drivers are sick of driving at 55 mi/h. As a matter of fact, the first thing that I was told when I got my license here and inquired about highway speed was “drive as fast as the rest of the traffic and you will be fine. You just don’t want to be the fastest car on the road”. I guess that night I was the fastest car on the road, after all, I was the only car on the road. What I am trying to argue is that good drivers analyze the conditions of the road before choosing a determined speed. He takes into consideration his skills, weather and traffic conditions, as wells as accounting for unforeseen factors. That is driving as fast as the conditions allows, which is what a regular driver do most of the time when driving on a highway when he is driving at traffic speed, despite the fact that the average driver is breaking the law everyday when he drives above the speed limit. Some will say that increasing speed limits is a death sentence. It is common knowledge that speed is a significant factor when it comes to the gravity of an accident, the faster you are the graver it is. What
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has never been taken into consideration is that experts (traffic engineers, safety instructors and even the department of transportation) say that the safest way to drive is to follow the speed of traffic. Contrary to common knowledge, you are actually more likely to get involved in an accident if you are going slow. The same happens if you are speeding above average traffic speed.
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The need for speed - Fernando Omegna Rocha Ferreira English...

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