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Fernando Ferreira Small Writing #4 Professor Misty Thomas 04/30/2008 The Silence in Black and White “Life is pleasant. Death is peaceful. It's the transition that's troublesome.” Isaac Asimov My entire body was tired. It was Saturday morning and I had spent the whole night clubbing. Whenever I go clubbing I do it with style. I never leave before 5 am and that time it had not been different. My body was sore but my mind was still very active thanks to the several energy drinks mixed with whisky that I had taken. I could still feel their sweet taste in my mouth. The room was completely silent, but I could still hear an incessant buzz in my ear thanks to the loud beats from the night. The whole place reeked of cigarette thanks to my clothes. It had definitely been a fun night. It was actually the first time in several weeks that I had had so much fun. My weekends were usually lame, watching my friends getting drunk at one of their houses. The same people over and over again. That’s what they enjoyed doing, getting stupidly drunk. No bars,
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