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Brandon Baker Ch. 1, The Revealer of the Heavenly Father The first chapter of Who Is Jesus Christ? discusses Christ as a revealer of the Heavenly Father. When Jesus began his ministry and teaching, the Jewish people thought of God as hostile, violent, and distant. Jewish people thought of God this way because religious authorities distorted Ezra and Nehemiah’s view; they took Ezra’s view to the extreme and practiced ritual sacrifices. One of the first roles of Jesus Christ, then, was to convince the people that God was close and caring. Jesus began his work as a great teacher. Jesus can be called the Great Teacher because no other person in history can match his influence and devotion to teaching. Through His teaching, Jesus was able to bring people closer to God, who He wanted people to think of as Father. Jesus taught people to think of God as Father, using the familiar Aramaic word “abba,” calling God His Father in a confident, obedient, yet intimate way. Jesus wanted to describe the relationship His people had with God as the same kind of relationship children have with their father. God should not be about obedience and life or death matters as the old society thought, but about love. God’s character is all about the love a father has for his children. Jesus tells us that God cares for us. The greatest thing Jesus Christ taught was that love is God. Love best describes God’s being. Jesus used parables to tell the Jewish people that God was all about love— even love for sinners. Traditional Jewish religion was shocked by the idea of God seeking out sinners, but Jesus knows God’s love is for everyone. It is spontaneous and unconditional and boundless. One of Jesus’ parables, the prodigal son, tells of the father ignoring everyone else’s concerns and instead rejoicing and being happy because of his son’s return. Because of Jesus’ teachings, we know that God is indifferent to what others think of us. Nothing we do will cause God to stop loving us. God’s love causes us to become valuable. God loves everyone individually. Because God is Heavenly Father, we have a sort of family relationship. Our concerns are His concerns. Where we go, God goes. We can approach God with confidence and directness in prayer. Also, we are all brothers and sisters. We should look for the qualities of God in the people around us. Jesus began his ministry around the time he was baptized by John the Baptist. During the baptism, a vision of the Holy Spirit came down as a dove, and God’s voice spoke out to him from Heaven. The words and the dove call to mind a suffering servant Messiah, not a vengeful Messiah like the Jews were expecting. And as soon as he was seen as the Son of God, Jesus was tested by Satan. Satan tempted him, but Jesus resisted because the temptations did not reflect God’s loving character of Heavenly Father. Jesus exposed Satan’s power as unworthy, and he liberates us from Satan by making us believe in dominative powers. We already know Jesus was a great teacher, but almost equally important was his
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SummaryJC - Brandon Baker Ch. 1, The Revealer of the...

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