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Possible Final Questions - third of the class I will put 2...

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Possible themes for the final (you will be required to talk about 3 of the thinkers this semester on one of these themes – and you can pick which 3 you would like to discuss (of course I will write out the question more fully on the final put if you study these themes you should be just fine). You will also have to pick 1 of the 3 authors as the theorist with the best position on the issue and make an argument for why after explaining all of the relevant positions of the various authors. Remember that this question, worth 25% of the final, covers the full semester, while the 75% multiple choice section only covers the last
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Unformatted text preview: third of the class. I will put 2 of these possible themes on the final and you will pick one of them: 1. 3 arguments for or against a democratic form of government. 2. 3 conceptions of the state of nature. 3. 3 views regarding the conditions under which a revolution is justified. 4. 3 views regarding the proper place for political authority in society. 5. 3 arguments for or against a monarchical form of government. 6. 3 arguments regarding the role of tradition in guiding a society’s moral and/or political decisions....
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