Homework 2 - COMS W3101-6 (CVN): Homework 2

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COMS W3101-6 (CVN): Homework 2 http://www.cs.columbia.edu/~pblaer/matlab-cvn/hw2.html 1 of 3 4/8/2008 10:24 PM COMS W3101-6 (CVN) Spring 2008 Homework 2 Worth 15% of the total grade. For this assignment you should write a single m-script file called hw2.m . At the top of the file you should put your name and CUNIX ID in a comment. There are multiple exercises in this assignment. For each exercise you will have to write a single or series of MATLAB commands. Make sure to label your solution to each exercises with a comment. Exercises: You should not suppress output on any of your commands. All variables created should persist throughout the script (unless you are explicitly asked to clear them). That is, if you create a variable X in problem 2, I'm referring to the same X in problem 5. a. Display the square root of 2100 in scientific notation with 16 digit precision. Reset the format back to its default. b. Set s equal to the cosine of 30 degrees. c. Compute the inverse sine of s in radians. d. Set t equal to the result of part c converted to degrees. e. Compute the value of e t 1. a. Fill a column vector, x, with 20 equally spaced values. The first value should be 0, the last value should be 2pi. b. Fill a column vector y with 20 values. Each value of y should be equal to the corresponding value in vector x times the sine of the corresponding value in x. c. Using one short MATLAB statement, create a 20x4 matrix, xy, where the first 2 columns are copies
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Homework 2 - COMS W3101-6 (CVN): Homework 2

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