Homework 1 - COMS W3101-6(CVN Homework 1...

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COMS W3101-6 (CVN): Homework 1 http://www.cs.columbia.edu/~pblaer/matlab-cvn/hw1.html 1 of 2 4/8/2008 10:23 PM COMS W3101-6 (CVN) Spring 2008 Homework 1 Worth 5% of the total grade. The main goal of the first homework is to make sure that you can run matlab, and execute basic commands. For this assignment you should write a single m-script file called hw1.m . At the top of the file you should put your name and CUNIX ID in a comment. There are multiple exercises in this assignment. For each exercise you will have to write a single or series of MATLAB commands. Make sure to label your solution to each exercises with a comment. Exercises: Note: Unless I explicitly say to suppress the output of a particular expression, do not suppress output. Create a row matrix in variable x: 1 2 3 Do not suppress the output. Next create a column matrix in variable y: 4 5 6 Again, do not suppress the output. Set another variable z equal to x times y (matrix multiplication, not elemental multiplication). This time suppress the output.
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This note was uploaded on 08/05/2008 for the course COMS W3101 taught by Professor Blaer during the Spring '08 term at Columbia.

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Homework 1 - COMS W3101-6(CVN Homework 1...

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