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CPP_IP_F07_Midterm_B_01[1] answer - CPP Introduction to...

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CPP Introduction to Philosophy Fall 2007 Grant A. Marler NAME: _________________________________ Midterm Exam (150 pts.) 1. (6 pts.) (Circle all that apply.) Which questions might be asked by Socrates? a. Are the Many real or illusory? b. Is the One changing or unchanging? c. What is self-knowledge? d. What is virtue? e. None of the above 2. (4 pts.) (Two Parts) (1) If event B is caused by event A, which comes first, A or B? (2) Please give an example, giving the names A and B to ordinary objects of your choice. 1. A 2. lung cancer is caused by smoking 3. (15 pts.) (2-4 full sentences) (1) What, in your view, was the strongest of Crito’s reasons for Socrates to escape from prison? (2) Why? (3) How did Socrates reply? 1. you are playing into the hands of your enemy 2. only this reason has show the relationship between socrate and his enemy 3. but I would be playing into the hands of the enemy anyway. If I abide by the decision, they will say I finally admitted I deserved it. If I run away, they will say I really was a lawbreaker and hypocrite
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4. (10 pts.) For each question, please indicate whether it is metaphysical (ME), epistemological (ET), or ethical (ET): a. “Does God exist?” M b. “Does human life have a purpose?” M c. “How can I know whether the soul is real?” EP d. “Are there many realities or only one?” M e. “What, if anything, can by known with certainty?” ET 5. (3 pts.) (Circle the best answer.) What epistemology best describes Plato’s? a.
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CPP_IP_F07_Midterm_B_01[1] answer - CPP Introduction to...

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