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S E C T I O N 1 . 1 P R O B L E M S Section 1.1 2. (a) The variable is the average mileage per gallon. The variable is the miles per gallon (b) The variable is qualitative. (c) The implied population is all new cars The implied population is gasoline mileage for all new cars 5 pts 8. (a) Salesperson’s performance: below average, average, above average is ordinal level of measurement. (b) Price of company’s stock is ratio level of measurement. (c) Names of new products are nominal level of measurement. (d) Temperature ( _ F) in CEO’s private office is interval level of measurement. (e) Gross income for each of the past 5 years is ratio level of measurement. (f) Color of product packaging is nominal level of measurement. 7.5 pts Section 1.2 10. (a) Obtain a list of patients discharged from all MMH facilities. Divide the patients according to length of hospital stay (2 days or less, 3 7 days, 8 14 days, more than 14 days). Draw simple random samples from each group would be a stratified sampling (b) Obtain lists of patients discharged from all MMH facilities. Number these patients, and then use a random-number table to obtain the sample, this would be simple random sampling. (c) Randomly select some MMH facilities from each of five geographic regions, and then include all the patients on the discharge lists of the selected hospitals, this would be cluster sampling. (d) At the beginning of the year, instruct each MMH facility to survey every
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April_Roderick_Unit_1_Project_MM207-05[1] -...

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