Quiz 7 Solution

Quiz 7 Solution - c b2.r-D,3\2i j Bb I t =D BK =...

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MEM202 - Engineering Mechanics : Statics Quiz #7 November 15. 2007 Name and Section: Date: l. The beam depicted in Figure 1 is supported by ball and socket joints at A and B. (A ball and socket joint resists translation in the x, y, and z directions, but does not resist rotation in any direction). The bar is also loaded by a mass of 100 kg, and one ofthe reaction forces at A, A" is equal to 900 N. The system is in equilibrium. a) Draw a free body diagram ofthe beam. [2 points] b) List the unknowns at A. [2 pointsl c) List the unknowns at B. [2 points] d) Determine the reactions at the supports A and B; and the tension in cable cD. [14 points] tffi ltg Figure I lr '4D - -f.D^= -C,q<+T.u ; T.pj =-O.t5'TcP EWaAono sP E h,.^r\lvrlocn Le oE") I4o=\ I "J \D I lr '(Dx l*1 b o,ql?t - o,\sb: ,Trpz = O3\ZTcr> \c) A$ a.d'Az aR- Onknurn C) b; )B 5 ar4b?arrir unkrocro
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Unformatted text preview: c b2 .r-D,3\2i) { j Bb I + t =D BK = ZTcpz?-fo-o]l t3)bttil - [ o -D{ + [o-{i?.t 3BaT: L-38[ *[-3Bb) -3h]] = c +Lo-ZT"olh n t,hlt^E\'oh) = {$N Qu\z +? Sot*t\ons (onh nueo( m*p \.r.- I { a/ncl. . JA- Cor-npDne'{^$S O; =) ZT.oe -3(9gt) *3Be = D 6\ 9* =) 3Bz =D d .plrA Ln*D i, ZTrn*-3cQg\)+3co)= Troz= C,3\ZT"p /acvz=l(181) ) ronoLL Z ( D,3tz T.p) = 3 Lqsl) i T.p = 3CQgt) =.1 1lb,3.luN \ Tt = Lt?lb,3SN I- ZT.u*-3Bg:B* -- O <-- '-'\ \ \ = Axn&t T.o* =o = 1o6t9*t C-o.qs+)('q?lb.3t+tu)= C ffi ep\uq tchr:o'rr-*o .,-q-n6Tagu - -m.a{ r- - A -"- -' r r o u - l_9___________r o 2f* Oz[S= AtstEg*Jaots= D4 h t3c8,EZ 3.C1-F C'\S)Lq63L{t) D + 1 r [ - ( o,3rz) Lqatus{6) @2V= Ae-R- -1gl r T-r= D lz-A = qCOT +\308-82\- qqo.s Ja , - \.\t1.22? : tr3S_.?SS + tq1l.5 h z C o,3tz) a a G) ..-rR =) Aa L I I = 3s\1 ,zltt -s?3,cAl...
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  • ball and socket joint, socket joint resiststranslationin, directions,but doesnot resistrotation, tffi ltg FigureI, List theunknowns B., \.r.-I JA- Cor-npDne

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Quiz 7 Solution - c b2.r-D,3\2i j Bb I t =D BK =...

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