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Gene expression 1. Make sure that you can define and differentiate all these terms: (1) DNA, (2) chromosome (genome), (3) gene, (4) RNA, (5) transcript (mRNA, rRNA, tRNA), (6) NTP and dNTP 2. What are the biological mechanisms involved in the “basic” and “extended” central dogma for molecular biology? 3. What is replication? What is the purpose of replication? When and where does replication occur in prokaryotic or eukaryotic cells? What are the key enzyme, substrates and products for DNA replication? 4. Name all the proteins/enzymes involved in DNA replication in E. coli and their functions. 5. What is the replication mode? Which strand of the parental DNA will be used as the template for replication? 6. What is leading strand? What is lagging strand? What is Okasaki fragment? How do these fragments get connected? 7. What is RNA primer involved in DNA replication? What enzyme is responsible for its synthesis? How is it removed? 8. What is the enzyme mediating the sealing of the nicks of the DNA fragments in the lagging strand? Does this sealing process need energy? How is the energy provided? 9. What is the direction of DNA extension during DNA replication in leading or lagging strand, 5’ 3’ or 3’ 5’? Why? 10. What are the three enzyme activities for DNA polymerase (PolI)? What are their respective functions? 11.
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Study_Questions_Gene_expression - Gene expression 1. Make...

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