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1 Chem 173B/268B Midterm Review Winter 2008 Prof. Scott The midterm exam will be held in class (10-10:50 am) on Wednesday, February 13. The exam covers the course material discussed to date, namely, Shriver chapters 9-14 and accompanying course notes. The exam style is closed-book. The following questions will help you review the material we have covered so far, by identifying concepts and facts that you should commit to memory. It is comprehensive, but not exhaustive. General questions 1. Name one naturally-occuring (and relatively abundant) source of each element in groups 1, 2, 13, 14, and 15. 2. Name one commercial or biological use for each element in groups 1, 2, 13, 14, and 15. 3. What is a Brønsted acid/base? What is a Lewis acid/base? 4. What is a superacid? 5. Define and/or identify isotopologs and isotopomers . 6. Explain the origin of zero-point energy . 7. Calculate the zero-point energy for a quantum harmonic oscillator, given its fundamental frequency. 8. Predict the change in stretching frequency for a harmonic oscillator, upon isotopic substitution. 9. Explain the difference between kinetic and equilibrium isotope effects. 10. Describe the nature of the bonding in electron-precise and electron-deficient compounds. 11. Describe the organization of the Periodic Table into s-block, p-block and d-block. 12. Explain the relationship between molecular orbitals (in covalently-bonded compounds) and bands (in metals and other extended solids with delocalized electrons). 13. Define unit cell . 14. Define density of states and Fermi level . 15. Describe ionic bonding and the factors which maximize its strength. 16. Define lattice energy . 17. Recognize transmetalation reactions. 18. Explain why some salts are deliquescent . 19. Explain why some compounds are refractory . 20. What is a diagonal relationship in the Periodic Table? 21.
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Midterm_Review - Chem 173B/268B Midterm Review Winter 2008...

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